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Currently, the exhibiting of art is not focused on only one gallery location. It is their objective to present prominent Atlantic Canadian artists to as large an audience as possible.  Multiple presentations are achieved through the use of satellite exhibition spaces.

The love of art and the experiences working on various private and public projects in the past two decades have prompted a new business model, that goes well beyond the bricks and mortar traditional idea of an art gallery.  THE ART PARTIES (Art Salon) have upon request been revived.  We will organize a wine and cheese event in the gallery space.  This type of event has been popular when accompanied by a particular art show and tour.




In this workshop basic questions such as the following (and more) are addressed:

• I want to collect art but do not know where to begin.
• How do I know I am paying the right price for a painting?
• What is the difference between an amateur and a professional artist?
• Are all private galleries alike?
• Should I buy art from an artist directly or through a gallery?
• How do I insure my art collection?
• How is the value of art calculated?


This workshop is offered to groups but can also be booked by individuals and couples.


These workshops, through creativity and dialogue turn off the “busy work demand” and bring back relaxation and confidence through activities that are no longer part of our lives and do not allow us to “forget” the everyday.  It is through these sessions that a greater understanding of self, colleagues and new ideas are formed.  Participants have spoken of having  a better awareness of their surroundings and being able to think clearer afterwards.

No electronic devices or note pads are allowed during the sessions.



• Artist Coaching

• Career Consulting regarding Exhibitions, Sales, Promotional material, Pricing of art work

• Grant and Proposal Writing
• Critiques




Collector Consulting

• Merging Art Collections
• Framing Art Work
• Appraisal of Artwork

• Interior Design and Architecture
• Renovations

We look forward to meeting you very soon!

Ingrid Mueller Art + Concepts (ARTCONTACT Inc.) has, since its inception in 1998 evolved into a multi-faceted business based on decades of a wide range of solid and eclectic experiences ranging from small local projects to large and successful international contracts. While living in Europe, Peter owned a successful architectural firm and Ingrid, who is from Oakville Ontario, owned an Institute for Private English Studies for Businesses.

The heart of the business lies in the passion we share for the visual arts.  Both Ingrid and Peter began collecting art while in high school and due to their very different cultural backgrounds, now have a very interesting yet cohesive art collection.

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